WATCH – Police officer filmed waltzing with sprightly pensioner in a shopping centre

This is the heartwarming moment a police officer is filmed waltzing with a sprightly pensioner in a shopping centre.

PCSO Steve Hopley was spotted taking the old lady by the hand and leading her onto the floor accompanied by the music being piped into the mall.

Chloe Blower, who works for an online promotions company, filmed the pair’s spontaneous routine while shopping in the Mander Centre, in Wolverhampton, West Mids., on Tuesday (13/6).

She said: “It was so great to see people coming together like that especially with everything which has gone on recently with terror attacks and alerts.

“It is a great example of how caring people are. It was so nice to see the policeman to be at work and yet take time out for the public was nice.

“They made a good pairing, the lady obviously knew her steps and the officer only missed a couple. When they both spun in unison everyone cheered. It was a lovely moment.”

When the music ends, PCSO Hopley politely removes his hat and bows to the woman, who gives him a curtsy.

She uploaded the 1.06-minute clip to Facebook and within hours more than 40,000 people had viewed and shared the video around the world.

Facebook user Robert Vennells said: “The only beat this bobby knows is the dance beat, great moves officer.”

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