Police left a “sorry we missed you” note after discovering cannabis plantation

Light-hearted police left a “kind” note saying “Oops! Sorry we missed you” after digging up a cannabis plantation in woodlands.

Officers discovered the haul of plants in woods and jokingly left a message for the criminals.

After unearthing the Class B narcotics near Oxford, Thames Valley Police left a “sorry you were out” note and offered to discuss a deal.

The letter was signed off with “lots of love” from the force and finished with the hashtag “WeveGotManners”.

The cheeky note said: “Ooops! Sorry we missed each other but feel free to call me on 101 so we can discuss a deal.

“Lots of love TVP x x.”

The cannabis was found on Friday 6pm after a tip off from a member of the public about the drugs farm near Wolvercote Mill Stream near Oxford.

Online commenters joked the police were littering the woodland by leaving the note.

One said: “I think I’ve got a plant like that in my garden. It comes up in a hedge every summer and I cut it back as it ruins the look of the hedge.

“Well I never, I shall think differently of the old bloke I bought the house off, now.

“If it comes up again next year, I’d better dig it out before I get a visit from Mr Plod.”

HJ Harris said: “Nice to see the Police showing a sense of humour – or did the cannabis have an effect on them?”

Another commenter said: “The cakes could be interesting in the TVP canteen this week….”

Andy Oxford added: “Nice of the police to litter the woodland like that, if we did that it would be fine for littering.”


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