Police have been forced to defend wanted man – after he was ridiculed online about his haircut

Police have been forced to defend a wanted man – after he was ridiculed online about his HAIRCUT.

Humberside Police want to speak to Emilio Romana in connection with a burglary in Willerby, Kingston upon Hull on February 6.

Mr Romana’s mugshot was uploaded to Twitter and Facebook and attracted at least 400 Facebook comments within hours – about his bowl cut high fringe.

One urged police: ‘while you’re at it please arrest his barber’.

Hundreds of users have since been mocking Mr Romana’s haircut – even commenting on his ears and calling him “Dumbo”.

Replying to the police, one user wrote: “Please find him before further infringement”, while another asked “Who cut his hair?….the Council!”

Another mockingly said: “Probably sat at home watching sky with the fantastic satellite connection he’s getting from those ears.”

Others included: “What was he trying to steal, the rest of his haircut?” and “Short back & what the f*** is that?”

The post has received 649 comments and over 1,300 shares in just three days.

The Twittersphere was also abuzz with jibes and taunts when the mugshot hit people’s news feeds.

One person wrote: “Have you tried looking in the year 2001?”

Another tweeted: “While you’re at it please arrest his barber.”

In light of the comments, police were forced to step in and urge people to be “respectful”.

They wrote: “Whilst we encourage participation on our posts please keep it respectful. If you have any information that may assist please call us. Thank you.”

Some Facebook users agreed with the police’s request with one posting: “Can we have some sensible comments cos if he is a suspect in a house burglary then any comments really don’t help the police.”

And another commenting: “Great I bet Humberside love the fantastic and informative response they are getting from a certain section of the non thinking masses.”

Humberside Police are still wanting to speak to Mr Romana and have asked anyone who knows of his whereabouts to contact them.

by Emilia Bruce-Watt

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