In Pics – horse saved from deep sink hole by fire service

This is the moment fire crews pulled a horse to safety – out of a sink hole.

Firefighters were called after the half-tonne animal fell into the enormous hole in a field near East Harptree, Somerset.

Specialists from Avon and Somerset fire and rescue help a horse which had fallen down a sinkhole. See SWNS story SWSINK; Avon Fire and Rescue helped a horse out after it fell down a sink hole. Firefighters from Bedminster Station helped free the grey horse after it had fallen down a sink hole on the Mendips. Crews were called to the scene on February 24. Luckily the horse was rescued from the large hole on Springfield Farm near East Harptree which appeared to have swallowed the 15.2hh animal.

It took workers an hour-and-a-half to winch the grey horse to safety on Friday – much to the relief of its worried owners.

A spokeswoman said: “We arrived at 3.15pm after receiving calls that a horse had fallen down a sink hole.

“The half tonne horse was trapped up to its head not far from the farm house. Crews liaised with residents and vet who was at the scene.

“Using animal rescue equipment the horse was released from the hole after it was sedated.

“Three crews attended the rescue which took one and a half hours.”

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