Photos: Baby armadillo born in Newquay zoo


These adorable pictures show a baby armadillo that was born in a UK zoo.

Keepers at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall are giving round the clock care to the six banded armadillo.

The latest addition to the zoo was born to proud father Wallace and mother Gromit.

Head Keeper, Sam Harley, said: “We are delighted to have this little one – we made the decision to hand rear him to give him the best possible chance of survival.

“So this means round the clock care from the keeping team.

“We’ve been up through the night to bottle feed him, which can prove very tiring, but it’s all worth it.”

The six-banded armadillo, also known as the yellow armadillo, is found in South America and typically measures between 40 and 50 centimetres.

‘Armadillo” in Spanish means “little armored one.”

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