Passengers flying into Bristol Airport were surprised by unusual sight

Passengers cruising at 4,000 feet were surprised by an unusual sight as their flight made its descent – and they spotted a giant ‘Gromit’ mowed into a field.

The sculpture caused quite a stir on Twitter, where bemused traveller Dan Prosser shared a photo of the surprising sight from his flight to Bristol Airport on Friday.

Sharing a photo of the huge Gromit, Dan wrote: “What the…? Flying into Bristol Airport.”

And other Twitter users – seemingly not from Bristol – quickly began joking about what the sculpture could signify, and where it came from.

Author Amit Katwala joked: “Ancient structure revealed by the dry weather?”

Whilst Twitter user Scotty Lizard teased: “No you’re wrong mate. It’s actually Germany not Bristol, and that’s the Nürburgring circuit.”

And Andre Didlick added: “I thought they kept dogging spots secret?”

However, the curious sculpture is actually the design of Avon Valley Park’s new maize maze – which explains why it is so large and why it can be seen from so high up.

The ‘Gromit’-like sculpture – which is actually a fox called ‘Cubby’ – is a nod to Bristol’s Gromit Unleashed trail, which launched earlier this summer.

Approximately 70 sculptures of Aardman’s loveable pooch Gromit, owner Wallace and arch-enemy Feathers McGraw have been installed across Bristol as part of the trail, which will raise vital funds for the Grand Appeal.

Staff at Avon Valley Park decided to morph their maze into the shape of Cubby in order to promote the trail and their new sculpture.

A spokesperson explained: “We are thrilled to be sponsoring a Gromit Unleashed sculpture.

“We have decided to celebrate this prestigious trail by designing our amazing maize maze into the shape of ‘Cubby’ the Gromit sculpture we have at Avon Valley Park.

“All entry donations will go straight to The Grand Appeal.”


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