Paedophile was spared jail despite saying he wanted to “see a boy raped”

A paedophile was spared jail despite saying he wanted to “see a boy raped” as he used a video streaming site to watch child abuse.

Julian Brewer, 28, walked free from court despite making the sick request online and keeping a stash of indecent images of children.

He was arrested after police from the National Crime Agency were tipped off that he used an online video conferencing platform to watch child abuse.

A search of his house, in Abingdon, Oxon., uncovered 114 Category A indecent images of children, the most severe, 23 Category B and 23 Category C.

He was sentenced to 14 months in jail, suspended for two years.

NCA operations manager Graham Ellis said: “Brewer had more than 150 images and recordings of children and behind every single image is a child who has been abused.

“NCA officers are dedicated to preventing child abuse and bringing to justice criminals who participate in and perpetuate their suffering.

“Those who view child sex abuse and exploitation on the internet should expect to be found and prosecuted.”

Brewer pleaded guilty to making indecent images of children at Oxford Crown Court after an investigation was launched in September 2017.

An NCA spokesman said: “Investigators executed a search warrant at his home in John Morris Road and seized computers and mobile phones.

“During interview, Brewer admitted to investigators that he watched child abuse videos

“Brewer had streamed videos so that he could rewatch them for his own sexual enjoyment and he told investigators he was sexually attracted to young boys.”

By Lewis Pennock

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