Neighbours of One Direction star Louis Tomlinson’s sister said they are ‘shocked’ her sudden death & say police asked if they ‘heard crying’

Neighbours of One Direction star Louis Tomlinson’s sister said they are ‘shocked’ about the social media influencer’s sudden death and say police asked if they ‘heard crying’.

Felicite Tomlinson, 18, died after going into cardiac arrest at her west London flat on Wednesday.

Residents of the posh block of flats said they were not aware she had been living there – with many saying they had never seen her before.

She is believed to have lived on one of the upper floors on the smart terraced apartment building which has a grey painted front door.

One neighbour leaving the building this morning said police came round and asked whether they had ‘heard crying’ on the day Felicite died.

He said: “We had been home for about an hour and the police knocked on our door. They asked if we had heard crying.

“We didn’t hear anything and I don’t recognise the girl or her name. It’s crazy that happened here.”

And a neighbour downstairs said police knocked on doors for around half an hour and seemed satisfied there were no suspicious circumstances.

Danny Smith said: “The police were knocking on our doors. They asked if we had seen anything suspicious.

“They were only here for about half an hour and they seemed satisfied there were no suspicious circumstances. We are all shocked by what has happened.”

University student Tamara, 21, said: “We found out last night. I didn’t know she was living here.

“I think I have seen her once a few weeks ago with a guy in the foyer.

“I saw an ambulance outside at about 4pm on Wednesday. We only put together what had happened because we saw an article that said she lived here.”

Resident Pu Yang said police also knocked on his door on Wednesday to ask if he had heard anything.

He said: “The police came around and asked me if I had heard anything. I didn’t. I wasn’t at home Wednesday afternoon.”


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