Elderly residents at a care home were pppperked up – with a visit from PENGUINS.

Humboldt penguins Pringle and Charlie met OAPs at Trevone House in Gloucester.

Activities Co-ordinator Rebecca Allott, 22, who wanted to do something different for the residents, said: “‘We are resident led in what we do here and they said that this is something they would like to do and see.

”So we approached the Amazing Animals Company and they gave us a great deal.

“We do many things with the residents, but this is so exciting and I am so pleased with how much everyone is enjoying it.”

Resident Georgina Dowling, 88 said: “I think the penguins’ coming here today is wonderful. I have really enjoyed it.

”I really enjoy the variety of activities that we have here. I remember the first time I saw penguins at Chester Zoo, but wasn’t this close to them.”

The penguins were also used in making a programme about Chester Zoo for the BBC, along with other penguin programmes.

The Humboldt penguin is native to South America and breeds in Chile and Peru.

They are an endangered species but ‘Amazing Animals’ have been successful in rearing rejected eggs by foster penguins.

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