Lingerie shop has been slammed online for body shaming women

A lingerie shop has been slammed for body shaming women over their cup size — which implies A are ” Almost boobs” and those with a G need to ‘Get a reduction’.

Horrified women have been left outraged by the sign’s ‘casual misogyny’ which suggests that C, D and DD are the only universally accepted sizes.

The rating system was today (Thurs) spotted in the window of Fit To Bust Too in Harrogate, North Yorks.

It’s part of the lingerie shop’s proposal to measure women’s bra sizes during a consultation.

But it’s claimed the sign offers a “misinformed prejudice around sizing” from A through to L and alienates almost all women.

According to the ad, women with size F are ‘Fake’, ‘Help me, I’ve fallen and can’t get up!’ if you have a H cup and you must be ‘Jealous of my jugs?! by Jordan’ if you are sized J.

Shop front pic – Credit: SWNS

Recruitment consultant Lucy Conroy Harris, 30, from Leeds., West Yorks., has been left frustrated at the sign’s ‘casual misogyny’.

She said: “This suggests there are exactly three sizes acceptable and if you deviate from those then you’re not correct.

“This is a prime example of the casual misogyny that women face every day – they’re led to believe there’s a very narrow margin of what is considered ‘acceptable’ for their bodies.

“All sizes outside of C, D and DD are mocked in this post but I don’t believe the majority of this store’s customers will fit into the small scale of acceptability they have created.”

Zhane Rose, a 20-year-old student from Leeds added: “It’s so demeaning and offensive to see something like this, especially coming from a business.

“It’s awful to see women reduced to their bra size.

“Saying things like ‘get a reduction’ and ‘almost boobs’ is disgusting and humiliating.

“I’m surprised any woman would ever enter that shop.”

Social media users also shared their disgust at the rating system which darts between hyper-sexualising and full on body shaming.

Jodi‏ @cherryflip80 wrote: “Apart from anything else this is every bit of misinformed prejudice around sizing that makes people suffer in uncomfortable, ill-fitting bras, which seems rather counterproductive when offering a fitting service.”

Queen Of Hearts‏ @Queen_Qualities said: “‘Get a reduction’ ….erm no! I’ll take my G cups elsewhere. The only reduction they need to worry about is in their sales. Ridiculous.”

List of cup sizes – Credit: SWNS

Ruth Crilly‏Verified account @modelrecommends added: “A) About turn, you’re not wanted here. B) Be gone, we hate everyone with breasts. C) Can’t you SEE? We make fun of all breast sizes! D) Do ya really want to come in here? etc.”

Demi Nicole‏ @deminicoleM said: “Wow. This has actually made my stomach turn. The way they dart between hyper-sexualising and full on body shaming is just gross.

“There’s no way on earth me and my “Go get a reduction” chest would enter those doors.”

Me‏ @emceebeere added: “Appalling. How traumatic for young girls who hit puberty early, like I did, who are struggling to come to terms with their changing bodies, who are being sexualised due to their changing bodies, seeing this crap?

“Ugh. I was a Double Delicious at age 12 @jameelajamil #bodyshaming.”

Fit To Bust Too owner Margaret Jack, 62, a mother-of-two, said: “The sign has been up for ten years and in all that time I have had very little negative comments.

“The sign is to say I do all these sizes and I have a sense of humour. In fact, anybody who knows us knows how much we care about women’s self-esteem.

“I have sympathy with the ladies who find it offensive, but strangely I have found in day to day life it breaks down barriers.

“I’m upset at the thought anyone is upset by it.

“I certainly need to reflect on what they are saying. Women’s self-esteem is top of my list.”

by Nathan Sandhu & Joe Mellor

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