Killer behind tragic school stabbing revealed for the first time

This is the face of the killer who stabbed a fellow school pupil to death and can legally be named for the first time after turning 18-years-old.

Daniel Stroud was found guilty of stabbing Bailey Gwynne to death in the corridors of a high-achieving secondary school as an argument took a dark turn for the worse.

Daniel Stroud while on trial for murdering Bailey Gwynne, at the High Court in Aberdeen

Stroud regularly brought knives with him to Cults Academy in Aberdeen prior to the incident which cost Bailey his life on October 28 of 2015.

The pair would regularly trade “childish insults” according to those who knew them.

The fight was said to have started over a biscuit and escalated when someone called Bailey’s mum fat.

A group of girls console each other in front of a floral tribute in memory of Bailey Gwynne is seen outside the gates to Cults Academy near Aberdeen, Scotland on October 29 2015.

A teacher rushed to break-up the squabble near the boys’ toilets but arrived moments after Stroud had hit Bailey with the 3.3 inch knife.

At the time, Bailey was only 16-years-old and held dreams of one day becoming a marine.


Family collect of Bailey Gwynne who died after being stabbed during a fight at Cults Academy in Aberdeen.

Pictures that can now be released for the first time show Stroud wearing handcuffs and an all-black suit as he arrived at the high court in Aberdeen in 2016.

Stroud was told that had he not been carrying a knife then the incident at the top state school would have been a “fist fight at worst”.

Daniel Stroud convicted of murdering Bailey Gwynne arriving at the High Court in Aberdeen.

He was later given a nine-year jail sentence at the High Court in Edinburgh for culpable homicide and for carrying knives to school.

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