John Worboys the “Black cab rapist” who had over 100 victims…to be released

One of the most prolific rapists to be brought to justice is about to be released, even though he is thought to have committed over 100 rapes and sexual assaults, in the capita,  between 2002 and 2008.

Worboys, 60, from South East London, drugged his victims before attacking the defenseless women in the back of his taxi.

In 2009 he was eventually convicted at Croydon Crown Court to 19 offences and was told he would serve at least eight years in prison. His victims would of hoped he wouldn’t see freedom for a long time, if ever. It is thought he has served around a decade behind bars.

After the case closed a huge number of women came forward who had also suffered at his hands.

Fay Maxted OBE, the CEO of The Survivors Trust, said Worboys’ release was “very frightening and worrying for his victims.”

She said: “He’s served his sentence and will be on a stringent licence. But for his victims there will be no parole, there is no let off for what he has done to them.

“When you are raped, or sexually assaulted in this way, there is no way to recover, especially when these attacks were so deliberate and calculated.”


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