Incredible images depict a year in the life of an ancient oak tree

A gallery of incredible images depicting a year in the life of an ancient oak tree as it adapts to the ever-changing seasons have been released.

The series of twelve shots were snapped by Ingo Gerlach, 65, over a one year period – showing the tree as it withstands the test of time.

The nature photographer shot the tree in a magnificent range of weather conditions, capturing the shrub through the bitter-cold snow and scorching heat.

The photos were taken in Westerwald, Germany throughout 2018 – beginning in January and ending in December.

Ingo, from Betzdorf, Germany, said: “I love this tree. The oak is a natural monument and protected.

“I marked the place for myself and set up a tripod each time.”

Ingo, who is also a graphic designer, snapped the tree using a Nikon camera with a 24mm wide angle.


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