Immature teenage girls told packed Tube one of them had a bomb

Two immature teenage girls screamed “she’s got a bomb!” on a packed Tube train causing panic among passengers .

The 14-year-olds were on the Victoria line between Green Park and Victoria with people having to stand when one repeatedly shouted her friend had a bomb.

She shouted this at passengers and down between the two carriages causing passengers to panic, crouching down in anticipation of an explosion.

Other passengers tried to move away down the carriages before the emergency cord was pulled as the Tube came into Victoria.

Realising it was a hoax the girls were challenged and one woman grabbed the girl who had pretended to have a bomb by the arm to stop her running away.

The teenager then became aggressive hurling abuse before spitting in the woman’s eye.

Both who cannot be named for legal reasons were tracked down by British Transport Police officers and arrested for making a bomb hoax around 3.25pm on 25 October last year.

Inspector Andy Hickling said: “I am outraged by the actions of these senseless and immature girls.

“On a busy Tube carriage one of them shouted there was a bomb, causing passengers to be terrified that their lives were about to end.

“Given the tragic and harrowing events during 2017, it is impossible to understand why these girls thought this was a clever idea.

“I am grateful to the officers that were on scene swiftly to reassure the public and make sure that these girls were arrested.”

Siwan Hayward at Transport for London, said: “Everyone has the right to travel without fear or intimidation and we work closely with the police to keep our network safe.

“The actions of these girls was foolish and created widespread fear amongst passengers. I hope this conviction makes anyone think twice about their behaviour.”

The 14-year-old from Brent was found guilty of communicating false information at Willesden Magistrates’ court on 4 October.

She was handed a Youth Rehabilitation Order for twelve months and ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge after being

Her friend a 14-year-old from Lambeth was found guilty of assault by beating and criminal damage at South London Youth Court on 14 September.

She was handed a Youth Rehabilitation Order for eight months and ordered to pay £40 compensation.

A third 15-year-old girl from Harrow, was cleared of a charge of communicating false information.


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