“I think I’ve won £2.8 million” – jackpot winner talks about Casumo mega win

Two players in two different countries won a combined total of nearly £7 million over the span of five days on online casino Casumo.

The winners managed to hit two jackpots in two separate games. The first jackpot was won in Mega Fortune on the 30th March by a 28-year-old man who took home £2.8 million. The second win was registered in Mega Fortune Dreams on the 4th of April. It amounted to £3.9 million and is the biggest win ever recorded in Casumo history.

Both players were contacted by a Casumo representative immediately after the wins were verified. The first player, who is from Sweden, said he came home from work after his night shift and after dinner he settled down on the sofa to play some casino games at Casumo. He hit the jackpot soon after starting playing with a mere £2.15 spin. It took him a while to realise he had become a millionaire.

“I woke my partner up and said, ‘Hey, I think I’ve won £2.8 million.’ She had a bit of a shock there, in the middle of the night.”

The second winner is a 30-year-old man who opened his first account at Casumo just two hours before hitting the record-breaking win. The player chose the game purely by coincidence and started playing after making a deposit of £20. He managed to win the jackpot with a £1 spin.

“Both winners said they couldn’t believe they had become millionaires overnight,” said Sonja, the Casumo representative who contacted the lucky winners. “I could hear sheer joy in their voices.”

This is not the first time that multi-million jackpots are won at Casumo. In 2016 there were two such wins, with a player from Sweden winning £2.6 million and a player from the UK taking home £2.7 million. Back in 2013, a Finnish player won £2.9 million.

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