Homeless people have hotel bookings cancelled for Christmas

Homeless people in Hull have had hotel bookings cancelled after a charity raised over £1,000 to put a roof over their heads this Christmas. 

Carl Simpson, founder of the Raise the Roof Homeless Project, said he was “gutted” after 14 twin rooms at the Royal Hotel in Hull were cancelled without any reason. 

In a Facebook post he said the hotel was told what the rooms would be used for before they were booked and has shared the hotel booking confirmation.

Last Christmas he was able to book 28 people into an Ibis hotel for two nights, saying “they were so grateful” for the accommodation.

He added: “Some left staff gifts using the very little money they had, and one asked if he could vacuum the rooms to show his appreciation.

“This means the world to homeless people. Last year we had tears of joy from someone who stood on the edge of the Humber Bridge the night before.

“We have to break the news to people that the hotel has been cancelled.”

Mr Simpson said he was yet to receive a refund for the booking, and so was unable to re-book another hotel, adding: “We need a miracle.”

He said he relied on donations to make the original booking and he was worried whether the number of rooms needed could be found elsewhere at an affordable price.


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