Heartbreaking video of homeless man saying “I can’t take it no more” emerged after he froze to death

Heartbreaking footage of a homeless man sobbing and saying “I can’t take it no more” has emerged – after he was found dead in sub-zero temperatures .

The harrowing video, taken by outreach worker Colin Rankine, shows an emotional Kane Walker, 31, who’d been homeless for four years, cry out in despair after he reached rock bottom.

Kane was found around 3.30pm on January 27 near to Birmingham’s Bullring centre, in an underpass on Pershore Street in temperatures of -2C – suffering from is believed to be cardiac arrest.

The emergency services were called but he was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene – it was a death that shocked the city.

The footage, recorded in August, showed a sobbing Kyle say: “I’m done now, there’s no point I’m not going to be here.

“I’m not living like this, this ain’t my life – I’m done, I’m done – you have never seen my like this before.”

Colin then comforts the sobbing Kane and hands him his coat to keep him warm.

Colin, the founder of Active Christians an outreach organisation in Birmingham, said: “The footage was taken around August, and he’s right I had never seen him like that.

“He was generally one of the happiest people, that is my memory of him – shortly afterwards though he became his jolly self again.

“One of the things that struck me personally was one day he said ‘you are my dad you know – you’re my dad‘ that was because we are out with them every day.

“I think what took him in the end was a lot of things, not just the cold. The ambulance crew were not able to revive him.

“I know at least that he was with his friends when it happened.

“He was very popular with a lot of people and many who knew him are heartbroken.

“Kane was on the streets for three and a half to four years.

“His background is quite chequered and he was known to the care system.

“We are looking to start a GoFundMe page for his funeral and hopefully we’ll have this set up by Monday.

“Active Christians are a team of about 30 volunteers but we don’t have any funding whatsoever , we don’t mind who helps whether you’re a Christian or even if you’re an Atheist – we don’t care what faith people are.

“If people are able to offer time that’s great.

“We need to keep checking on people in the winter months, in the cold weather they may just look like they are sleeping.

“We give them something sugary, something hot and sweet – hot chocolate or coffee.

“We mother them really but if we don’t do this they could die, we try and build relationships with them.

“Most of the homeless in this city seem to have my cloths which is nice because they are very personal items and it may help save people.”

by Richard McAllister


Caution very upsetting video

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