Heartbreaking video of grandmother forced to register to stay in Scotland after 59 years goes viral

A heartbreaking video of an 87 year-old grandmother who has been forced to register to stay in Scotland after 59 years has gone viral on social media.

The footage, which initially appeared on STV News in Scotland, has been widely shared by people dismayed over the handling of long-term British residents caught up in the Brexit process.

Tove Macdonald, who was born in Denmark but moved to Scotland in her twenties, said: “It makes me feel very sad because this has been my home for all these years and I feel more Scottish than Danish”.

She added that she didn’t understand why she received the letter asking her to register, and is notably upset in the video.

Macdonald had a husband and two children in Scotland since moving here in the ’60s, living in the same home for many years.

She said: “At 87, why do I have to register?

“I was brought up during the German occupation so we always looked up to Britain, we thought Britain was just fantastic.

“I’m afraid it’s not quite the same.”

Picture: STV News 

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