GWR WiFi fault promotes accessing pornographic and offensive content on board their trains

A WiFi fault on Great Western Railway seems to promote accessing pornographic and offensive content on board their trains.

The page lists a number of pages you are able to access using their free WiFi, including sending and receiving emails and browsing website content.

But one user was left particularly shocked when the tick and cross functions didn’t work on her browser – which added video streaming, pornographic material and offensive content to the things you are “able to do”.

According to the social media helpdesk some devices don’t display the sign properly, and it should actually look like this.

But the fault certainly kept some people amused, particularly this Twitter user.

Great Western Railway recently found themselves in bother after their newest super train experienced several faults on its maiden voyage into London Paddington.

Passengers were also forced to stand, despite claims that capacity on the new trains was increased by 20 per cent.


Britain’s newest super train came into service – setting off 25 minutes LATE

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  1. Mitchell Hurd

    Well, I may regret saying this but after my 99.9% likely last 2 Class 180 Adelante on GWR services, I have to say that it’s clear these trains were built with InterCity 125 replacement in mind. One thing you can tell is the high comfort of the seats!

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