Grenfell Fire Response: “I’m traumatised, my kids are traumatised, we’re getting no support”

The victims of the Grenfell Fire disaster say they are “getting no support” in the aftermath of the tragic blaze that has displaced scores of people.

Residents and officials attended the Grenfell Fire Response Public Meeting from 6pm this evening to discuss concerns which they believe are falling on deaf ears.

With rife accusations of cover-ups and allegations that Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation are breaking the law by not conforming to the Freedom of Information Act there was a palpable sense of anger among the residents.

Many claimed they had not had any response from officials during the traumatic period with some saying they haven’t even had access to basic commodities such as food and Oyster cards.

One resident spoke out, saying: “How is the welfare of the children helped by the complete travesty of a response from the local authorities.

“You have blood on your hands you’re an absolute disgrace.”

Watch the meeting below:


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