This graph shows why workers have become the primary users of food banks

The Archbishop of Canterbury poured scorn on the government this weekend saying the largest users of food banks are now people in work.

Speaking on ITV’s Peston on Sunday he said it was obvious that a lot of jobs are being created, but questioned whether the type of work on offer is beneficial to employees.

“The thing we see in the Church of England, and with the other churches,” Justin Welby said, “is the majority of people who come to the food banks are in work.

“That is a sign that work is not lifting people out of poverty in the way that we would hope in a society that is just.”

A graph started doing the rounds on social media shortly after the Archbishop’s TV appearance.

It shows that the UK’s wage growth since 2010 is minus 10.4 per cent.

Compared to other European countries such as Poland, Germany and France, which have seen positive wage growth, that makes for quite depressing reading and goes a long way in explaining why the use of food banks is increasing.

According to the Trussel Trust the use of foodbanks continues to rise with over one million three-day emergency food supplies given to people in crisis in 2016/17.


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