After Texan mosque is burnt down local Jews offer synagogue to Muslims

When you think the world has gone mad and hate seems to have overcome reason, this news should warm your heart. People from opposing faiths have come together to offer assistance to those in need.

After a Texan mosque was hit by an arson attack, after Trump banned people from seven predominately Muslim countries entering the US, local Jewish people came to their aid.

Jewish people in a small Texas city handed Muslim worshippers the keys to their synagogue after the town’s only mosque, Victoria Islamic Centre, was destroyed in a fire.

Leaders of the mosque declared “our faith in humanity has been rekindled again”.

Omar Rachid, a congregation member said: “Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the tremendous support we’ve received.

“The outpouring of love, kind words, hugs, helping hands and the financial contributions are examples of the true American Spirit and Humanity at its best with donations coming in from all over the world.”

Robert Loeb, the president of Temple Bnai Israel, told Forward: “Everyone knows everybody, I know several members of the mosque, and we felt for them. When a calamity like this happens, we have to stand together.

“We have probably 25 to 30 Jewish people in Victoria, and they probably have 100 Muslims. We got a lot of building for a small amount of Jews.”

Curently they have raised over a million dollars, click here to support their cause.



Donald Trump was right: THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED. In his favour.

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