Kitten found cold and abandoned has struck up a bond with a rescue dog.

A newborn kitten found cold and abandoned has struck up a heartwarming bond with a dog rescued from a puppy farm.

Ava was just a few days old when she was discovered in a garden.

She was taken to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home where she has become best friends with Barney, a three-year old Labrador.

The two animals spend most days in each other’s company, nestled together as if they’ve been buddies for years.

Ava, now five-weeks old, is still so young she needs to be hand-fed every two hours by staff at the rescue centre.

Barney arrived at Battersea in 2014 and head nurse Rachel Ab’dee fell in love with him and adopted him.

She said: “Barney adores Ava and can’t wait to come into Battersea every morning so he can see her.

“It’s great for Ava too, because she doesn’t have a mum or brothers or sisters, so Barney has become her best friend and favourite playmate.

“It’s wonderful to see them so happy together and to know that their most difficult days are behind them.”

When Ava is old enough, she will be put up for adoption.

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