Ford Ka driver gets stranded on golf course after following Sat Nav directions

A young woman driver got wedged near the 11th hole after following her Sat Nav – onto a GOLF COURSE.

Hilarious pictures show the black 2006 Ford Ka in a ditch after it drove round a path by the side of Lickey Hills Golf Club.

Greenkeepers at the course, near Birmingham, say the young driver got lost and thought she was travelling along a country lane when she realised her mistake.

The abandoned car was discovered by staff on Sunday (29/4) morning and posted pictures of the car on Twitter in a bid to track down the driver

The golf club tweeted: “Anyone lost a car, not reported stolen but parked behind our 11th green!

A driver took a wrong turn and ended up a fairway from the road after getting stuck on a midlands golf course. 

“Course open 18 main greens, yes obviously it’s wet in places but it’s playable, even had a Ford Ka make it to the 11th before getting stuck…”

The red-faced driver returned later in the day to collect her car, which was towed out by greenkeepers.

Further tweets read: “Owner found and car towed out safely, she had taken a ‘wrong turn’.

“Lickey Hills greenkeepers, the 6th emergency service.”

A driver took a wrong turn and ended up a fairway from the road after getting stuck on a midlands golf course. 

A club spokesperson said: “The driver had driven through an open gate and down a narrow path – believing it to be a country lane.

“She had actually managed to drive quite a way into the course after going through an open gate.

“I suppose it’s easily done but it’s never happened before.”

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