Flying Scotchman: Train buff uses model rail to distribute drinks at his Christmas party

A transport historian wowed guests at his Christmas party when he came up with a novel way to hand out drinks – using a model train.

Tim Dunn, 36, converted toy Playmobil train wrapped in festive lights to run on a 40ft track from his kitchen to through his dining room and his sitting room to give out gin and tonics, white wine and vodka shots.

The marketing manager, who also freelances as a TV presenter and historian, dug out his old model trains for Christmas party drinks on Saturday night and also topped off other wagons with mince pies.

He balanced the drinks on wagons which were carted across his flat in Borough, central London, for his 15 guests who were offered new refreshments every two minutes.

The railway enthusiast, who is also the world’s only model village expert, even runs a train track around the family Christmas table every year.

He said: “I converted a toy Playmobil train to run on the track, hooked up a couple of wagons bedecked in LED Xmas lights and throughout the weekend drinks were made in the kitchen and sent out to guests across the flat every two minutes.

“We had a Christmas drinks party this weekend – so last week I dug out a whole load of my old garden railway model trains and track, bought a special timer unit so that it would shuttle end-to-end every two minutes, and set it up on the floor.

“There are often a lot of trains in our house. I have a very understanding boyfriend.”

It’s not the first time Tim has used his railway to serve up drinks and previously hosted a Eurovision party where the train even stopped at individual stations.

The railway enthusiast, who is also the world’s only model village expert, added: “You’ll see there’s a short video of a smaller train, too, carrying vodka shots.

“I built that one for our Eurovision party, all the best trains have a bar car, you see.

“The track runs about 40ft from the kitchen – where drinks and snacks are loaded, through the dining room, out from behind the sofas in the sitting room and across the floor to the optimal unloading point.”


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  1. Taylor Kavanaugh

    Thank you Jack Peat for this joyous article. What a neat idea. I am a toy train enthusiast myself . To have guests over to serve drinks with your hobby is super cool. I started building my own rails two years ago from following instructions here . This hobby is more important to me than anything else in the world, other than my wife and kids haha.

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