Five people appear in court accused of throwing foxes into hound kennels to “get a taste for killing”

Five people have appeared in court to face animal cruelty charges after footage emerged of fox cubs allegedly being taken into the kennels of hunting hounds to be killed.

Anti-hunt activists contacted police after installing hidden cameras at the South Herefordshire Hunt kennels in 2016.

The group are accused of throwing the cubs into the hounds kennel so the dogs could get “a taste for killing.”

The undercover footage also showed a man appearing to dump a dead fox cub in a wheelie bin near a large corrugated iron shed where the hounds are kept.

Paul Oliver, 39, Nathan Parry, 38, Julie Elmore, 54, Paul Reece, 47, and Hannah Rose, 29, appeared at Birmingham Magistrates Court today (Tue).

They spoke only to confirm their names, dates of birth and addresses during the 30 minute long hearing and were not required to enter a plea.

Oliver and Rose of Sutton Crosses, near Spalding., Lincs, both face four counts of animal cruelty.

Elmore and Parry, of Brynarw, Abergavenny, South Wales, are charged with four counts of killing fox cubs, contrary to the 2006 Animal Welfare Act.

Reece, of Chepstow, in Monmouthshire, South Wales, faces two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

District Judge Neil Davidson adjourned the case so defence solicitors could view the footage and other documents put forward by the prosecution.

He said: “I think it is fair for the defence to view the footage.

“This is a complicated case and it will be reserved to a district judge.

“I am granted you all unconditional bail, however if you do not return on the set date.

“The court will issues an arrest warrant – this case will be adjourned until June 19.”

All five were granted unconditional bail and informed to return to the same court on June 19.

At the time of their arrests, Detective Inspector Jonathan Roberts, of West Mercia Police, said: “”Cases of animal cruelty are treated very seriously and we actively seek to protect animals from cruelty and to prevent their suffering.”

Fox hunting is a game for privileged people- such cruelty shouldn’t have a place in 2018


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24 Responses


    1. stephanie Beaty


      Would it ok to tear a human baby away from it’s mother to throw to hungry dogs for sport? You people are the WORST! You think being upper class makes it ok…it doesn’t. You should know better. Wish your punishment was far worse!

    2. Gwen

      My sentiments exactly. Bunch of sub human faeces with little penises and currant size balls with an urgent need to dominate. Can’t cut it with women so they abuse animals. All faeces like them needs to be flushed down the sewer system. I have the hose ready if you find the sewerage trap Monica!

  2. Annica

    Thank you for shareing , this horrifying animal cruelty has to stop and these evil sick monsters doing this has to be punished and locked up!

  3. Marni Montanez

    I appreciate how seriously they are taking this horrible thing these people have done. These kinds of monster like sociopaths are among us in every state, every country and in our neighborhoods.

  4. Yvette

    Hoping these barbaric, evil, head cases are found guilty & get what they deserve. However, as previous cases have shown unjust leniency & in some cases quite obvious bias & corruption protecting hunts, let’s wait & see!!

  5. Christine Schmael

    The UK royal family is behind this. They should be forced to end this disgusting cruelty. What sort of people are they, terrorizing animals for pleasure??

  6. Lois Carol Wessels

    Shocking inhumane treatment of defenceless animals – have you no shame? Be prepared for the backlash of Karma

  7. Annie

    Make the low life animal killers suffer. Ohio Judge fed up with animal abuser: Clever new punishment gives her a taste of her own medicine.

    Judge Mike Cicconetti In another case where a woman abandoned 35 kittens in a local wood, he handed down a sentence that meant she had to spend a night alone in a wood herself, in addition to imprisonment and fines. Michael hopes that his creative sentences will help raise awareness of ongoing animal abuse and neglect.

    The heartless, psychopaths who have caused countless deaths of fox cubs should be thrown to man eating lions and tigers, who will rip them apart and let them die a painful death. They are predators who enjoy watching the pain and suffering of fox. This is how the savages get their energy through blood sacrifice. They are Satanic filth. British people must be educated about these character disordered pieces of trash that pose as human. They must be removed from society for their heinous animal abuse because they are serial killers who will not change. They are fixed personalities which makes them a danger to all animals. We want sentences that fit heinous crimes of animal torture and death, not a slap on the wrist. They must be made to suffer in the same way that the innocent fox cubs suffered as, animal lover, Judge Michael Cicconetti suggests. There are too many antisocial personality disordered people in our societies getting away with criminal activities resulting in excruciatingly painful deaths of animals. This is a step in the right direction. Early man did not put up with psychopaths in their communities so why should we?

  8. Beverley Nowikow

    This is absolutely disgusting – the people are completely retarded and psychopathic – they have to be thrown in jail and given life sentence to pay retribution for such atrocities. I sincerely wish that they get ripped apart and thrown to hungry dogs and that their children and their families suffer the worst kinds of deaths imaginable. What is this world coming to, animals have RIGHTS and this type of cruelty is not acceptable by any standard. The bastards must suffer and suffer and suffer for the rest of their lives . Fox hunting must be BANNED what kind of person hunts an innocent animal for sport – the English along with the Spanish are a extremely sick race and trust me you will be dammed for the cruelty you have inflicted on innocent animals.

  9. Deborah McCarthy

    Pieces of shit. Except that my shit has value. Rip them to shreds. Let them know what it feels like. Rip these MFers to SHREDS!

  10. Myra

    OMG! What kind of people are so GD brutal ! They are sick and need to be found, tried and prosecuted. Or they themselves “thrown to the hounds. The hounds would probably rejected them because they STINK LIKE ROTTEN MEAT

  11. Suse

    This was a heinous act and I do understand that this hunt has been protected by its political, social and local connections for quite some time. So let’s hope that justice is served finally and no strings are pulled or corruption used to let anyone escape that happens too often. We should end animal cruelty – it was and is inexcusable. But it cannot be right to turn on these people like savages and viciously abuse them publicly and on social media wishing them physical harm. Come people 2 wrongs do not make a right – take the moral high ground.

  12. Ian Patterson

    This scum will not be reported on national tv because this corrupt society is run by the media and only reports and slants everything we read and see, this low life scum will probably walk free as the judge and other wigs are part of some hunt. Our system is broke, the only punishment for these sick bastards is hanging before this escalates into murder or pedophilia.

  13. Mrs Letch

    They are all SCUM……I hope they get the bloody book thrown at them….but it won’t because people like that have judge in there pockets…

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