Female paedophile hunter launches campaign against light sentences

A mother-of-two who vowed to clear her entire community of paedophiles has snared her latest sex beast – by posing as a schoolboy online.

Mother-of-two Cheyenne O’Connor, 24, pretended to be a youngster on a gay adult dating site to trap predator Jason Sutton – who has now been jailed.

Married Sutton thought he was grooming a 15 year-old and arranged to meet him in public toilets for gay sex, telling him to wear ‘trackie bottoms’.

But Cheyenne lay in wait and covertly photographed Sutton as he arrived and passed all her evidence, including transcripts of their online chat to police.

Sutton, 48, of Grouville, Jersey, was arrested days later and has now been jailed and later pleaded guilty to attempted sexual grooming.

He has now been jailed for ten months, banned from being alone with any boy aged under 16 for five years and placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

Sutton is the second Islander to be caught by Miss O’Connor, who earlier this year snared a teenager who was trying to meet a teenage girl.

During the latest case. the Magistrates’ Court in Jersey heard that Sutton made numerous inappropriate remarks to the ‘boy’ online and made it clear he wanted to meet for a sexual encounter.

He had also asked the youngster to wear tracksuit bottoms for the meeting, which prosecutor Susie Sharpe said was ‘to secure quick and easy sexual contact’.

Miss Sharpe said that during the exchanges the ‘boy’ told the defendant he was still at school and was not 16 until the following September.

She said: “The exchange escalates quite quickly into suggestions to meet and to engage in sexual activity.

“Not just to meet at the location but to meet in the toilets of that location.
“A boy did not turn up, but a member of the public who had instigated the communication did and took a photograph of him.”

Advocate Sue Pearmain, defending, said that her client was caught by a ‘sting’ set up by the woman that took place over three days on a Monday, Tuesday and a Wednesday.

She said that it was on the Tuesday that the person doing the communicating told the defendant that the ‘boy’ was 15 and would not be 16 for nearly a year.

By this time, Advocate Pearmain said, a photograph of the ‘boy’ had been sent and added: “The photograph was like the apple in the Garden of Eden. The temptation was too much.”

The lawyer submitted that Sutton had been drinking to excess at that time ‘and it was while he was drinking to excess he succumbed to temptation’.

She told the court that Sutton’s long-term partner was standing by him and it was their intention to sell the house they have in Jersey and move back to the UK after 20 years in the Island.

The court heard that the defendant had a responsible job which he had now lost, was a first-time offender and was assessed as being at relatively low risk of reoffending.

She said that Sutton had excellent references from his employer and had been in a stable 26-year relationship with his civil partner.

Sentencing, Relief Magistrate David Le Cornu said: “There is substantial mitigation, you are of previous good character and you have shown remorse was well as having excellent work references but I am afraid none of these are sufficient for me to avoid a custodial sentence.

“You carried on with the communication after you found out the “boy” was under age and you even arranged to go and meet him.”

Miss O’Connor said she was determined to carry on catching child sex offenders as she claimed no-one else in Jersey was doing enough to stop them.

Earlier this year Cheyenne posed online as a teenage girl to catch another sex offender on the island – which led to a 19-year-old youth being sentenced to 180 hours’ community after admitting attempting to groom a teenage ‘girl’.

Cheyenne has now vowed to continue her mission to rid the Channel Island of paedophiles and has the backing of a major UK group.

She said: “Child abuse is a massive issue in Jersey and there is no-one else doing this but me.

“I decided to carry on based on how rubbish our justice system was and how many victims were being let down.

“The justice system is shocking when it comes to this.”

by Tom Bevan


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