Driver lucky to be alive after wrapping car around a lamppost

A driver had a miracle escape when they lost control of their sports car and ploughed into a LAMPPOST.

Shocking images show how the Toyota MR2 was almost ripped in half by the impact of the collision at around 5pm on Sunday (17/9).

Incredibly, the motorist managed to walk from the mangled wreckage with just minor injuries following the horror smash near Alvaston, Derbs.

Derbyshire Police said the driver crashed the flash motor after hitting standing water on the A50 following heavy rain.

Police say a driver was “lucky to escape with minor injuries” after a car hit standing water and careered into a lamppost. 

The force’s Road Police Unit tweeted: “A50 J2 to J3. Lucky to escape with minor injuries after hitting standing water then a Lamp Post. Drive to the conditions. #DriveToArrive”.

Web users took to social media to express their shock as to how the driver managed to walk away from the crumpled vehicle with his life.

Maria McCoy tweeted: “Should have got the lottery numbers of that lucky guy!”

Dan Edwards wrote: “If somebody has walked away from that uninjured, they must be superhuman. Unbelievably lucky.”

Police say a driver was “lucky to escape with minor injuries” after a car hit standing water and careered into a lamppost.

Lee Edwards tweeted: “You mean someone actually walked away from that?? I’d do the lottery if that was me!”

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed they also attended the scene.

They tweeted: “17:19 #AscotDrive_RED in attendance at an RTC on the A6 slip road to the A50. 1 car into a lamp post. Crews are making the vehicle safe.”

At around 7.30pm they tweeted: “Crews still in attendance making scene safe. A50 westbound closed at junction 2 (the A6) westbound for the recovery of the vehicle.”


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