Crowdfunding page launched for Greek woman who feeds hundreds of stranded refugees

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for a Greek woman who has fed hundreds of refugees stranded on Samos Island.

Maria Makrogianni, known as Mamma Maria by many people on the island, used to feed refugees who arrived on the island from her beach restaurant, but after receiving threatening phone calls by the far right, she was forced to close up shop.

Now, with her husband, she helps people from her home – cooking whatever she can every day from the ingredients she has in her cupboards.

But her money and resources are running out. And she depends on handouts and donations to keep up her good work.

To support her heroic efforts a page has been set up for donations to help make the next few months a little bit warmer and happier for those struggling to find a home this winter.

Watch a video of Maria below, and donate what you can, if you can, here.


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