Crooks have stolen box in London that contained ashes of an elderly woman’s husband

Heartless crooks have stolen a heart-shaped silver locket and a heart-shaped box that contained the ashes of an elderly woman’s husband.

One posed as a plumber to trick the 83-year-old woman into letting him into her home on the pretence he wanted to check up on a leak from next door.

He went to the kitchen and rear bedroom and while he was distracting her his accomplice sneaked in to steal.

It was only when the “plumber” had left did the woman realised the silver box and locket were missing along with her wedding ring.

Three gold chains, a silver band with a blue sapphire stone, £50 in cash, a bank card, Marks and Spencers vouchers and Debenhams vouchers were also taken.

Scotland Yard have release images of the pair they want to track down who struck on Friday afternoon in Greenwich.

Detective Constable Robert Costigan said: “This is a particularly harrowing crime that targeted a vulnerable member of our society.

“The victim had possessions stolen that are irreplaceable and this has had a devastating effect upon her.

“I ask any person with information about the identity of these two men, or any information about the burglary, to come forward and contact police”.

A police spokesperson added: “Detectives are appealing for the public’s help in identifying two men after the ashes of an elderly woman’s husband were stolen in a burglary in Greenwich.

“On Friday, 14 September at about 2pm, a man knocked at the front door of an address in Annandale Road, and said he was a private plumber and claimed he needed to check a leak coming from the property.

“The victim, an 83-year-old woman, allowed the man to investigate the leak.

“He spent a short time in the property, including the kitchen and rear bedroom, and then left the address.

“After he had gone, the victim discovered that numerous items had been stolen including three gold chains, a wedding ring, a silver band with a blue sapphire stone, £50 in cash, a bank card, Marks and Spencers vouchers and Debenhams vouchers.

“A heart-shaped silver locket and a heart-shaped box, that both contained her husband’s ashes, were also missing.

“It is suspected that another man entered the property while the victim was distracted.

“Two images are being released of men police would like to speak to as part of the investigation into the burglary.”


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