IT company threatens redundancy for staff voting Labour

An IT firm in Watford sent staff an email warning “Labour voters would be made redundant first” on polling day, GMB has revealed.

An email seemingly sent by John Brooker, Managing Director of Watford based Storm Technologies Ltd, has come to light which was sent to his staff on Thursday 8 June, General Election Day.

The email, sent to everyone in the company, started with the hope staff had exercised their right to elect a chosen candidate or party before telling them to vote Conservative if they believed in free enterprise and progression without being taxed out of the game.

The email follows up with a direct threat to employees and how they should vote: “If by any chance Labour win, we’ll have to re-think a few things here at the company so if you value your job and want to hold onto your hard earned money vote Conservative.

“Labour voters will be made redundant first if Labour do win and things slow down……….”

Storm Technologies has recently been accepted as IT suppliers of Hardware, Software and Technology Services under the new Crown Commercial Services Agreement enabling them to be a Public Services IT reseller.

Warren Kenny, GMB London region secretary, said: “It is unacceptable and morally and ethically wrong for a company director to tell his staff that ‘Labour voters will be made redundant first if Labour do win’.

“A boss should not be harassing employees or interfering with their right to vote for who they wish – it’s Dickensian, workhouse nonsense.

“Any staff working for John Brooker should be have been able to vote for their candidate or party of choice without fear for their jobs and their livelihoods.”

“If you want to see an example of kind of oppressive working environment seven years of Tory rule has created – this is it.”


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    1. ivory

      They won’t do that though Because GMB Work with and donate to labour’s Ian Mc Nicol, Who plots again Corbyn constantly

    1. Richard Trotman

      No. Vote Labour, and if asked who you voted for tell them it’s none of their business. Then report them. That this company has a government contract is totally unacceptable; such sheer unprofessionalism ought automatically to preclude them from any government work. Ever.

  1. GVW

    That Mr John Brooker, Managing Director at Storm Technologies needs a proper punch across the chops. Where the hell does he think he is?… Bloody China? Nazi Germany?!… He should be told in no uncertain terms to F OFF and his name relayed to the Police for criminal investigation.

  2. Paul C

    It’s very interesting that Storm Technologies appear to have disconnected their Facebook and Twitter feeds very suddenly… are they fearing lots of adverse comment appearing there from all the Labour-voting trolls?

  3. David Rapp

    Must be reported along with the email, it’s a breach of the Representation of the Peoples Act 1983 (115)(2) A person shall be guilty of undue influence—
    (a)if he, directly or indirectly, by himself or by any other person on his behalf, makes use of or threatens to make use of any force, violence or restraint, or inflicts or threatens to inflict, by himself or by any other person, any temporal or spiritual injury, damage, harm or loss upon or against any person in order to induce or compel that person to vote or refrain from voting, or on account of that person having voted or refrained from voting; or
    (b)if, by abduction, duress or any fraudulent device or contrivance, he impedes or prevents [F539, or intends to impede or prevent,] the free exercise of the franchise of an elector or proxy for an elector, or so compels, induces or prevails upon [F540, or intends so to compel, induce or prevail upon,] an elector or proxy for an elector either to vote or to refrain from voting.

  4. Ade W

    They just gave _every_ one of their employees a free pass to claim wrongful dismissal regardless of what they are fired or made redundant for – all they have to do is claim they voted Labour.

    Hope they enjoy paying out all those lovely settlement cheques.

  5. Mike

    If someone from the firm told the electoral commision that they had been forced to vote against their will and so everyone in their work may have – would it demand a new vote?

  6. D.B.

    I have to call BS on this. How can he know people voted? Unless, I suppose, they were stupid enough to say, in which case I wouldn’t want them working for me.

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