Charity can’t find a home for dog that looks like Goofy

Dogs Trust Harefield is appealing for a home for a dog that resembles the famous cartoon character, Goofy. Staff at the rehoming centre are concerned that Beaky has been overlooked due to his unusual appearance and goofy smile.

Handed over to Dogs Trust over 500 days ago, the ex-racing Greyhound is eagerly on the marks and set to sprint off to a new home. Although his canine carers at the charity were instantly won over by his striking and quirky appearance, six-year-old Beaky has been ignored by hundreds of potential new owners, and staff fear that he may never find the loving family he deserves. Although he gets lots of fuss and attention from his carers who adore him, nothing compares to finding a loving home of his own.

Proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Beaky was born with a small chin and a narrow jaw, which do not carry any health implications and certainly have not stopped him from making an impression at the West London rehoming centre. Beaky is hoping to use his larger nose to sniff out a new family.

Unlike his Disney doppelganger, Beaky is not extremely clumsy and dim-witted; however, similar to Goofy, he is clever in his own unique, eccentric way.

Richard Moore, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Harefield, said:

“Beaky is beautiful in his own right and we’re hoping that he finds his special someone pronto. He is looking for an adult-only home where he can enjoy a long walk with his new owner, before having a snooze and snuggles on the sofa. This loveable, goofy guy loves cuddles and meeting new people. Beaky is good with bigger dogs so he could live with a larger four-legged friend. Once he is settled, Beaky would be happy to be left for a while, especially if he has some treats as he loves his food.”

If you are interested in rehoming Beaky or any other dog, please contact Dogs Trust Harefield directly on 0300 303 0292 or click here

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