CCTV shows final moments of teen as she jokes with alleged killer before she was ‘strangled to death in sex game’

These are the chilling final moments of a teenager before she was strangled to death as she laughs and jokes with the man accused of murdering her just hours later.

Jobless Ashley Foster, 24, had only just been released from prison three days before he allegedly killed 17-year-old Megan Bills during a sex game.

The church-going teenager’s body was found badly decomposed at a hostel for former inmates in Brierley Hill, West Mids., on May 3 last year.

A court heard her remains had been stuffed in a wardrobe wrapped in clingfilm by Foster who killed her as part of a “snuff movie fantasy” three weeks earlier.

Police yesterday (Wed) released CCTV footage of Megan’s final moments, which was shown to a jury on Tuesday (9/1).

She can be seen laughing with Foster in a supermarket as they bought cans of soft drink and blue Rizla cigarette papers.

Megan Bills, 17

Jurors were shown further CCTV of the pair’s movements around the hostel including Megan’s last sighting as she entered Foster’s room.

Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC said: “Megan was seen wearing boots she had borrowed from her mother and tartan trousers.

“Foster is wearing black trainers with white stripes, a t-shirt and perhaps green or blue trousers.

“At 3.35pm we can see Megan going into Mr Foster’s room, she is not wearing those black boots.

“This is the last sighting of Megan on the footage from any of the CCTV cameras.”

Foster claimed the pair had consensual intercourse before Megan died accidentally during a sex game gone wrong.

Megan Bills arrives at the hostel on April 16th, 2017.

Megan Bills and Ashley Foster leave the hostel on April 16th, 2017, and head to the shops.

But Mr Aylett QC said Foster had been carrying out his own sexual fantasies when he throttled Megan to death.

He then allegedly searched for snuff films while her body decomposed as he tried to cover his tracks by vacuuming flies and spraying bed sheets with cleaning fluid.

Footage taken from May 2, shows Foster in the back garden of the property hanging out his quilt to dry.

Megan Bills and Ashley Foster shopping on April 16th, 2017.

Megan Bills and Ashley Foster shopping on April 16th, 2017.

Mr Aylett added: “He can be seen hanging a quilt up and returning inside.

“His windows are open in his room.

“He has a bottle with him, white with a nozzle to it which he uses to spray the quilt.

“He (later) comes out, turns the quilt over and uses the spray on the underside.”

Ashley Foster captured on CCTV at the hostel on April 17th, 2017, with what appears to be a bed sheet in a bag.

Ashley Foster hangs a bed sheet on a washing line at the hostel on May 2nd, 2017.

Foster’s half-sister Carley Forrester later told the jury he had asked her to buy cling-film and had smirked when she asked him what it was for.

She told the court: “On April 26, Ashley asked me if I would pick up cling film and he gave me £2.

“He said it was for his friend – I actually asked him what he wanted it for and he smirked.

“He said, ‘never you mind’ – I thought he wanted it to wrap weed.”

The trial, at Wolverhampton Crown Court, continues.

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