Carpet cleaning company launches disguisting tirade after couple cancel a job because of a miscarriage

Police are investigating after a couple who cancelled a carpet cleaning job because of a miscarriage claim they were told by the firm: “you deserved to lose your baby”.

Distressed Dean and Charlotte Coutts booked a session with Clean Carpets Plymouth but called it off when she was rushed to hospital.

Two weeks after losing what would have been their first child they were stunned to receive an £85 invoice for the job – but refused to pay.

They claim they were then subjected to a string of “aggressive” and “threatening” messages taunting them about the loss of their baby and demanding more money.

Dean, 26, of Plymouth, Devon, claims a representative of the firm even told him on the phone: “You deserved to lose your baby.”

He claims the manager also told him: “The best thing has happened” to their baby and that the couple aren’t “worthy of being parents”.

The company declined to comment when the accusations were put to them.

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  1. dave

    people can be,and are, arrested and jailed for saying offensive things. can’t think of many things more offensive than this. be interesting to see if those responsible get arrested and/or go to jail.

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