Cambridge University’s “naked professor” to host anti-Brexit nude show

Cambridge University’s “naked professor” is stripping off AGAIN as she hosts an aged 18 and over nude show – about Brexit.

Dr Victoria Bateman, an economics lecturer, is holding a show tomorrow (14 Jan) to expose the brutal “naked truth” of Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

She has previously generated controversy online due to her naked protests, both on Brexit and on gender inequalities within economics.

The Cambridge academic protested naked for feminism wearing only £5 and £20 notes and called for economists to “take feminists much more seriously”.

She has in the past advocated for economists to recognise the economic value of the sex trade and the right of women to earn their living through prostitution.

Dr Bateman’s anti-Brexit show is timed to coincide with the parliamentary vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

And she will use the naked protests to examine how Britain will be “exposed and vulnerable” in a post-Brexit world.

The show will also offer guests a chance to show their opposition to Brexit by signing the first “living human petition”.

And this is not the first time Dr. Bateman used nudity for a protest.

In June this last year, Dr. Bateman attended a campus event wearing a transparent jumpesuit to promote feminism, with the words ‘my body, my choice’ drawn across her front in black marker.

Then, after the EU referendum in 2016, she appeared at a university faculty meeting with ‘Brexit leaves Britain naked’ painted across her body.

In 2015 Dr Bateman also posed for a naked life sized portrait by well known American artist Andrew Connelly and at the time said she ‘wanted to show that ‘behind every naked woman is a real person.”

Tickets to the anti-Brexit event – which starts at 7pm in Cambridge – are free, and available online.

by Yasmin Harisha

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