Watch brazen thieves tow car parked on suburban London street in broad daylight

This is the moment a pair of brazen thieves were caught stealing a parked car – by TOWING it away in broad daylight.

Footage captured on neighbour’s CCTV camera shows a silver people carrier parked on a residential street.

Seconds later a truck with a trailer comes into view before coming to a halt in front of the car’s bonnet.

A man in a hooded grey jumper peers underneath the family car before returning to the truck.

His accomplice wearing a hi-vis jacket also lingers around the vehicle before jumping back into the driver’s seat.

The hooded man returns clasping a large hook and rope which he quickly attaches to the front of the silver car.

Motorists and several pedestrians appear unaware of the theft taking place in Golders Green, north London.

The thief then attaches the two vehicles together using a metal contraption before getting back into the truck.

A resident of the street, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It’s just shocking.

“It’s a residential street and the sheer speed they did it in made it even more shocking.

“Now I’m always going to make sure I park in a spot so a lorry isn’t able to reverse into it.”

According to the footage the vehicle was stolen on October 17 at 9:30am.

A spokesman for Metropolitan police said: “The theft of a car was reported on The Drive, Golders Green between October 8 and 22.

“Our investigations are ongoing.”

By Ben Gelblum and Olive Loveridge-Greene

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