Bus drivers told by text they were losing their jobs

A group of long-serving bus drivers were informed they no longer had jobs – by text message.

Around 20 were given notice of redundancy by telephone – with a few being granted a call.

A spokesman for the drivers said: “I know some drivers were told by text, others by the telephone.

“A lot of these people have families to feed, and now they don’t have jobs or an income – they feel cheated.

“It’s sad and unfair for all of those who have lost their jobs.”

The roles were cut by firm ‘Nibs buses’ in Wickford, Essex.

The company purchased longstanding operator Amber Coaches in February and decided to axe some of its staff after doing so.

A statement from Nibs and Amber Coaches told how Amber Coaches will be placed into liquidation on Wednesday, April 19, although Nibs Buses will continue to trade.

Darren Wilson, of DKF Insolvency Limited, speaking on behalf of the company dealing with the the administration, said that Amber Coaches had “little choice” but to fold after trying to cope with mounting debt.

Stephen Nelson, who took ownership of Amber Coaches in February, said: “Amber Coaches wishes to sincerely apologise to its long-standing and loyal staff members – unfortunately there was no alternative.

“We further express regret that the decision to close will directly impact on members of the public and regular customers who relied on the services of Amber Coaches Limited.”

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