1000kg of garbage found on beautiful world heritage beach in just one day

Environmentalists have hauled away 1000 kilos of industrial waste which was fouling an idyllic beach in a world heritage beauty spot – in just one day.

Shocking images show a mound of trash including drums full of oil, rope, nets and fish boxes near Lulworth Cove in Dorset.

The litter pickers said the oil drums could have “decimated” the protected area if they had leaked.

Steve Trewhella said he and pals dragged the ton of waste off the beach at Worbarrow bay on Sunday, most of which had come from commercial boats.

“We cleaned the beach at Worbarrow bay near Lulworth yesterday, an estimated 1000 kilos of litter was hauled off the beach,” he said.

“The vast majority was fishing or shipping related: rope, nets, fish boxes and numerous plastic drums, three completely full of used engine oil.

“If these had split it would have decimated the bay, 75 litres of oil goes a long way.”

Steve said the trash pile showed the callous attitude of some commercial vessels towards the delicate marine ecosystems.

“The total disregard being shown by some sea users is beyond belief,” he said.

“Without tighter controls , and enforcement , we can ban all the single use plastics we want , but I fear the polluting of the sea will carry on unchecked.”


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