BREAKING BAA-D – Police given runaround by two loose sheep spotted running along main road

This is the comical moment two escaped sheep gave officers the runaround on a main road before getting a police escort back to their pen during a bizarre rescue.

The pair of fugitive farm animals ran amok after they fled from their pens in Marston Green, Solihull, West Mids, in the early hours of Sunday morning (9/12).

West Midlands Police took to social media to reveal the sheep were returned safely following the unusual call-out and joked they were now ‘”baa’d from the area.”

Images posted by Chelmsely Wood and Solihull neighbourhood police team show the animals gambolling down the road on the pavement – with a squad car in hot pursuit.

Tweeting from their @ChelmsleyWdWMP account, they said: “Officers have returned 2 sheep to their pen this morning after they escaped in Marston Green.

“Sheep are safe and have been advised on the importance of road safety.

“They have now been baaaa’d from the area. #NoTwoDaysTheSame #TheGreatEscape #AJobLikeNoOther.”

Web users spoke of their relief following the safe capture of both animals – before sharing their best, and worst, sheep puns.

Greg Smith wrote: “Naughty baaahd animals, I bet they’re feeling sheepish now they have been taught the safety of the road.”

Herchy Boal tweeted: “Well done to all involved a great rescue of two wayward sheep!”

Sid added: “You can’t pull the wool over my eyes.”

Frank Cottrell said: “He doesn’t look very sheepish.”

By Arun Lal

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