Watch – Boyfriend drops engagement ring into Thai lagoon during proposal prank

A shopping centre worker thought her boyfriend had made the most expensive mistake of his life – when he dropped her engagement ring over the side of a boat. Pash Canby, aged 30, got down on one knee to propose to Natalie Ripley while they were sailing in a lagoon in Thailand.

As Pash prepared to place the ring on 28-year-old Natalie’s finger, it slipped out of his hand and into the water. After pausing for dramatic effect, Pash revealed he had the real £2,000 ring stashed away in his pocket all along.

The joke had been pre-planned in advance of the two-week holiday.

“Me and my brother cooked it up together the day before we left,” he said. “One idea just led to another and I thought ‘Right that’s it, I’m going to do it’.

“We were on the beach and I told Natalie I needed to go to Starbucks to check my messages. But really I was off on the streets trying to find a fake engagement ring.

“I managed to come across a store and had to barter for it. It ended up costing about £4.”

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