Artist’s impression issued in bid to identify body found on Sussex beach

A body found on a beach appeared to have fallen from a ‘great height’, according to police.

An artist’s impression has been created of the man to help track down anyone who might recognise him.

Sussex Police say he was found at the foot of cliffs in Birling Gap below the Belle Tout lighthouse on November 18th last year.

His injuries are said to be consistent with falling from a great height.

The man, thought to be in his 20s, is of Asian appearance with brown eyes, dark or black hair and dark stubble.

Police say he was 5ft 3ins and of slight build.

The man was found wearing a grey hoodie with the hood up and the cords tied, a grey with blue striped jumper, a white vest, black trousers, black boxer shorts, black socks and Size Seven brown shoes.

He was also said to be wearing a ‘unique weaved metal belt’ and was wearing around his neck a turquoise rosary and a green lanyard with a small key and an ‘I support refugees’ tag attached.

East Sussex Coroner’s Officer Jon Padovani said: “All our enquiries so far have failed to establish his identity.

“We hope the artist’s impression, together with description, will jog memories, and enable us to find his family or other loved ones, wherever they may be.”

By Adela Whittingham

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