An amazing image of fork lightning above the three bridges over the Firth of Forth

This is the electrifying photo of the moment lightning filled the sky above the Forth Road bridge as Scotland gets set to battle thunderstorms this weekend.

Dad-of-two Sebastian Kuczynski was planning on having a quiet night in with his wife Joanna, 38 until he heard the loud thunder and lightning.

The 43-year-old photographer, from South Queensferry, Edinburgh, rushed outside with his camera at 10:50pm yesterday (Thurs) to capture the spectacular lightning.

And despite being a photographer for the more than 20 years, Sebastian says it’s one of the best pictures he’s ever managed to snap.

He said: “I love the picture. I was born in Poland so seeing this was a regular thing for me.

“I literally said to my wife that she should stay at home and I would go outside to capture it. She think’s I was being weird but it’s a great picture.

“Seeing lightning in Scotland is just amazing for me because it doesn’t happen very often.

“I feel like it’s such a unique photograph which is why I put it on Facebook. My friends keep sending me messages saying my picture is amazing.”

Wife Joanna, a student, said the image is “stunning.”

She said: “It is so unique, I can’t stop looking at it.

“Our oldest daughter, Isabella, seven, made my husband post the picture online because he normally likes to keep his pictures to himself.

“Thank god she convinced him.”


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