Adorable Pictures Show Proud Mother Giraffe Nursing Her One-Month Old Baby

This new mum sticks her neck out to care for her newborn baby giraffe, who proudly poses for the camera while being pictured for the first time.

The month-old male can’t get enough of the attention as he’s groomed by mum Megara while onlookers admire him from outside their pen.

The giraffe calf, who is yet to be named, was born at the Plackendael Zoo in Belgium last month.

He already stands at 5ft 7″ tall and could reach a towering height of five metres.

A statement from the zoo, said: “Mama Megara is an exemplary mother. She lets the baby drink and stay by her side, warm in the stable where everyone can come to admire them.”

Megara, a Kordofan giraffe, was pregnant for around fifteen months before her baby literally fell two metres to the ground when she gave birth.

After undergoing the dramatic delivery he stood up tentatively before going for a drink of milk.

The bond between a mother and calf varies though babies can suckle for as long as a year.

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