A “very dangerous” former public schoolboy caught carrying knives after repeatedly stabbing best friend “for personal gratification”

A “very dangerous” former public schoolboy was caught carrying large knives nine years after repeatedly stabbing his best friend “for personal gratification”.

Harry Schick, 24, who was given a nine-year sentence for attempted murder in 2010, was collared by police during a crackdown on moped-enabled crime.

The “popular” ex-student at the £14,000-a-year Pangbourne College in Berkshire has been convicted for knife and driving offences following a dramatic police chase.

Magistrates heard Schick fled from officers who asked him to stop his motorcycle in north London on May 9.

He risked lives through a “sheer lack of consideration” as he passed through several red lights and ran off on foot after crashing the 125cc Honda into a vehicle.

Schick was arrested after a member of the public helped police chasing after him who found a lock knife and “two large knives” on his person.

Schick, of Holland Park, west London, pleaded guilty to possession of three knives, driving without insurance, whilst disqualified and failing to stop for police at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court.

The officers asked him to stop as part of a Met Police crackdown on moped-enabled crime.

Police Sergeant Tony McGovern from Operation Venice said: “I am proud of the actions of the first responders to this incident and the support shown by the member of the public.

“We will continue to pursue those involved in moped enabled crime, who pose a risk to themselves and our communities.

“London has been subject to an increase in knife and moped enabled crime, but with new tactics and increased police presence on the streets, we will maintain our stance in tackling this issue and those responsible.”

Schick has been remanded in custody to be sentenced at a later date.

Detective Constable Colin Anderson from the Met’s Central North Command said: “Schick displayed a sheer lack of consideration for his own safety and that of the public.

“The end result could have been very different.

“We will continue to tackle this problem and ensure that offenders are brought to justice for their actions.”

Schick was 17-years-old when he was jailed for the attempted murder of a 16-year-old schoolmate.

The Old Bailey heard lured his pal into woodland in Croydon, south London, in March 2010 before carrying out his hour-long attack.

Det Sgt Tim Hammond, of the Met Police, said after the sentencing: “He is a strange character and I think a very dangerous character.

“We have got nothing to suggest any motive other than he wanted to kill the victim for his own personal gratification.

“The victim would almost certainly have died had it not been for the quick response of the London Ambulance Service.”

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