A sikh had his turban pulled, was branded a muslim and told to go home in an attack outside Parliament, police have revealed

A sikh had his turban pulled, was branded a muslim and told to go home in an attack outside Parliament, police have revealed.

The 42-year-old victim was waiting in a queue at a building opposite Parliament when he was abused.

No medical treatment was needed for the victim, who held onto his red turban in what police have called “a hate crime attack.”

The suspect was caught on CCTV clutching a bottle as he fled the scene in Westminster yesterday.

A police spokesman said: “We are appealing for information and witnesses following a hate crime attack on a Sikh man outside Parliament.”

The suspect was caught on CCTV.

“Detectives from Westminster Community Safety Unit are now investigating and are appealing for keen to identify the man shown on CCTV.

“He is wanted for questioning in relation to this attack and is described as a white male, five foot 10 inches tall of stocky build and short black hair with stubble.

“The Met have long since recognised the impact of hate crime on communities and the hidden nature of this crime, which remains largely under-reported.

“The MPS stands together with policing partners, colleagues and groups to investigate all hate crime allegations, support victims and their families, and bring perpetrators to justice.

“We would appeal to anyone who witnesses or suffers any hate of any type to immediately report it so that action can quickly be taken and catch those responsible.”


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