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Editor                                                      Jack Peat

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Jack is a business and economics journalist and the founder of The London Economic (TLE). He has contributed articles to The Sunday Telegraph, BBC News and writes for The Big Issue on a weekly basis. He read History at the University of Wales, Bangor and has a Masters in Journalism from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Deputy Editor                                      Joe Mellor

Joe Mellor

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Joe is a freelance journalist who writes news and features for national newspapers and a variety of magazine titles. He studied Economics and Politics at the University of Manchester and also has a Masters in Journalism from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Property Editor                                    Bea Patel



Bea is an editor, writer and journalist. She writes for a variety of publications and websites, including Estate Agent Networking, The Royal British Legion and The Asian World Media Group. Bea is also Director of a property tech business – Shop for an Agent – an estate agent comparison site that lets homeowners and landlords compare estate agents online. When she’s not running her business or travelling, she’s glued to her laptop writing. Bea has a BSc (HONS) degree in Multimedia Studies from the University of East London.

Food Editor                                           Jon Hatchman

John Hatchman

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Since leaving school, Jonathan has run and contributed towards a number of new music blogs and has written online features for publications such as The Guardian, GQ and Q Magazine. His real passion, however, is food – as displayed through his work at The London Economic.

Music Editor                                             Grant Bailey

The London Economic

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Grant is an editor and freelance journalist specialising in music reviews. Since graduating with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing he has worked with a number of prominent music publications as a contributor and subeditor.

Sport Editor                                               David de Winter

The London Economic

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David is a sports blogger, writer, editor and podcaster.  His work has appeared in a variety of publications, including on the Daily Mirror website, on all manner of sporting issues.  As well as being a journalist, David is also a professional opera singer.  He has performed all over the globe in some of the world’s most prestigious venues.  David studied music at Durham University and voice at The Royal Academy of Music.

Film Editor                                              Leslie Byron Pitt / Anna Power


Science Editor                                               Dr. Robin George Andrews

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Robin George Andrews is an experimental volcanologist, which is as strange as it probably sounds, considering he’s spent his PhD jumping between the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Austria and Germany using explosives to investigate the physics behind certain volcanic eruptions. At least half of the time, he’s documenting the beautiful ‘pale blue dot’ we live on with his camera; the other half he spends writing about it. Visit him at

Travel Editor                                        Shilpa Ganatra

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Lifestyle Editor

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Motoring Editor

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Family Editor

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