you are going to die

You are going to die | Stop wasting time

You are going to die, as is everyone you know. So, it’s time to stop wasting… time. Life Consultant Oliver Martin discusses how to take action to sop wasting precious time…

Wow, this week has been all about TIME. So many people talking about their busy lives and manic schedules and hey, with three kids under the age of six I am not immune to feeling slightly under the hammer! But seriously, is there something in the air!?

For example, a lady I recently met for coffee banged on about feeling worn out due to being “super busy and hectic, you know….”

When I asked her to put it into context, she listed the following core activities in her life:

  • Work (full-time)
  • Children (two)
  • Commute (2hrs a day)
  • Gym (three times a week)
  • Friends (ad-hoc)

Fair enough they are all significant and ‘time consuming’ but that doesn’t mean they cannot integrate with a little planning, self-challenge, and brutal honesty. Why was she travelling ten miles out of her way to get to the gym when there is one on the door step? To reduce commutes and spend a little more time with her children why is she not making more of the flexible working policy? Could she reduce outgoings by just working less? Why does she insist on her children going to every club under the sun? Another conversation I had revolved around the term work/life balance – I use it – but not anymore – it’s about getting a great work/life integration. Have a think about that.

You are going to die, we all are, so whilst you’re sat on the train or in a traffic jam, after a hard session at the gym, on the way to work, have a little think about the following and stop wasting time:


1: What activities are you doing?

  • Make a list. A full list.
  • Stop letting other people dictate your decisions.

2: Why do you do all the things you do?

  • Don’t feel the need to justify your choices.
  • Get out of your comfort zone – it’s not comfortable – you are done in!

3: When do you do all the things you do?

  • Look at your week and schedule to when its suitable, make it less stressful.
  • Go back to your list and are there gaps in you time? What do you do in the gaps – make them valuable. Don’t stare at your phone for 30mins in a dark room after the kids have nodded off. Instead use that time to start a tasty meal with a few tunes on the go.

4: Who else is involved in the activities you do?

  • Stop constantly comparing yourself to your friends.
  • Come out of that terrible relationship and bin off that person who just zaps up energy like a ‘mood-hoover’!

5: Where do you do these activities?

  • Pull the net in. Stop throwing yourself so wide and vast. Look closer to home.
  • Are you competing with others for the brand? Don’t be a wally. Be smart.

6: How do you spend your time between the activities?

  • Get clutter free. Bin the unwanted physical clutter laying around the home and office to bin the associated stress and free up time.
  • Stop moaning about improving your life but never doing anything about it.

Look, on reflection, I am not perfect at maximising my time. However, I’ve been bloody-close before and I will get there again because:


  1. I’m recognising the need to make changes,
  2. I am motivated to action change and in time,
  3. I will review it all over again.

Life evolves, circumstances change and it’s important to adjust – for yourself. Some changes will be small, simple quick wins. Balls-of-steel may also be required, but don’t fear the unknown, enter it and don’t make excuses. In a previous career I was always told to take the path of least resistance, in life its not always the best one to take.

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