World’s first Christmas shop where you can buy for refugees opens in London

The world’s first Christmas shop where you can buy real items for refugees is set to open in Soho, London.

Choose Love is a pop-up shop that sells real products for refugees.

The shop will be selling everything from baby grows to space blankets and children’s education materials, all aimed at improving the lives of these people who are truly in need.

Each item you buy guarantee’s that a refugee will receive an exact version to help them in their desperate situation.

Josie Naughton, CEO of Help Refugees, said: “It’s easy to forget how lucky we are to have a bed, a blanket and a roof over our heads.  For thousands of refugees this Winter, these basic human needs are completely out of reach. This shop is all about one simple idea: that we should all choose love this Christmas and help those in need”

The pop-up store has been created by creative collective Glimpse, whose mission is to use creativity for good. They were behind the impactful campaign last year where all the adverts in Clapham Common tube station were replaced with pictures of cats.

The space in the heart of Soho has been provided by Shaftesbury – a Real Estate Investment Trust who invest exclusively in London’s West End. It will showcase a range of items that represent the three phases of a refugee’s experience: Arrival, Camp and The Future.

The curated selection of items, such as blankets and gloves, are all items distributed by Help Refugees on the front lines of the refugee crisis. Each item on sale is accompanied by short stories about how and why it was chosen.

Visitors to the store simply take an item’s tag to the till or buy directly from one of the store staff. Along with their purchase, visitors can find out about the work of Help Refugees through the charity’s staff.

The items on sale will include emergency blankets, children’s shoes, warm socks mobile phone credit and more. Costs will range from £4.99 to £499 with an option to even ‘buy the store’.

James Turner from Glimpse said: “We want charity giving to become as much part of the festive shopping experience as secret Santa and stocking fillers. This Christmas we’re hoping people will come together, Choose Love and buy gifts for refugees who truly need them.”

The team are also opening an online store which will be announced closer to launch.

Opening: 24 November 2017 Closing: 31 January  2018

Address: 18 Broadwick Street, Soho, London, W1F 8HS

Hours: Monday – Saturday 11 – 6 pm, Sunday 12 – 6 pm


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  1. Auralae

    The “Choose Love” storefronts are a scam. Plenty of their items are for small children, but the actual refugees (those including women and children, not adult men without wives/children) are not even attempting to get into Europe. The folks heading for Europe are economic migrants, the vast majority (up to 90%) are young adult men, and they are seeking a handout, not a hand up.

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