Women want DIY…men demand better sex

By Steve Taggart

Women would rather her fella was putting up some drawers; rather than pulling hers down. However, men just want their partner to fix it in the bedroom rather than the garden shed, a study has revealed.

Researchers found that while women simply want a partner to clear up after themselves at home a little more, or make more effort in the romance department, men would rather a better sex life.

Blokes would also like their wife or girlfriend to be better at managing money, cooking and have a better sense of direction.

It also emerged that six in ten couples have rowed after pointing out the areas of their partner’s appearance or personality they would most like to change.

A spokesperson for mouldable glue  Sugru, which commissioned the research to mark the launch of its ‘Joy of Fix’ campaign , said: ‘’Everyone probably has something they wish their other half was better at, whether it’s sex or DIY. Nobody’s perfect after all.

‘’It’s interesting to see the difference between men and women and what they think their partner could do with improving.

‘’Perhaps stereotypically, far more men would like their partner to be a better at sex than anything else, but for women this didn’t even feature in the top ten.

‘’It seems more women would like their partners to help out around the home more often, to be better equipped at fixing things and to surprise them with the odd romantic gesture.’’

The study of 2,000 Brits in a relationship, found tidiness is the thing women would most like their partner to improve on, followed by being more romantic and better at fixing things around the house, listening and cleaning.

Cooking, socialising, managing money and DIY are also among the areas women wish their other half was better at, with talking completing the top ten.

But when it comes to the areas men would like their wife or girlfriend to improve on, sex topped the list with more than a third of the vote.

Managing money came second, followed by cooking, being tidy and socialising.

Listening, being romantic and cleaning also feature, with a better sense of direction and driving skills following close behind.

Researchers also found women are more likely to have something about their partner they would like to change – 68 per cent compared to 59 per cent of men.

And while three quarters of people have told their other half exactly what they think they could do with improving, there’s also more chance of women doing so than men.

But while 35 per cent claimed their partner wasn’t bothered about their honesty, 27 per cent admitted they didn’t speak for a while afterwards, while another 21 per cent said their other half was angry.

Sixty-one per cent of couples have even ended up arguing after a fault was highlighted, with more than one in ten even saying it caused serious rows.

It also emerged that being trustworthy and reliable are the most attractive attributes in a partner, along with being good with children, being attractive and being romantic.

And almost six in ten consider being good at DIY an important attribute.

Sugru’s spokesperson added ‘’The Joy of Fix is a campaign not dissimilar to the infamous 1970’s sex manual in that it’s designed to inform and empower people.

‘’If being more playful in the bedroom can improve peoples’ sex life then surely having fun when fixing stuff about the house will ultimately result in happier DIY with better results.”

Relationship Expert Corinne Sweet said: ‘’Sharing things and enjoying joint activities around the house are definitely great ‘relationship glue’, helping couples bond and feel close there is a real joy that comes from fixing.

‘’Telling your partner what you want and what you need is just as important in the home, as it is in bed, and the more honest you can be with your partner, the better things can get.

‘’However, it’s important to accept your partner, and understand them, rather than try to change them.

‘’Working together, on joint projects, bringing your individual skills, perspectives and ideas, is one of the best ways to finding and fixing relationship happiness.’’

Top ten things women wish their partner was better at:

1.     Being tidy

2.     Being romantic

3.     Fixing things around the house

4.     Listening

5.     Cleaning

6.     Cooking

7.     Socialising

8.     Managing money

9.     DIY

10.  Talking

Top ten things men wish their partner was better at:

1.     Sex

2.     Managing money

3.     Cooking

4.     Being tidy

5.     Socialising

6.     Listening

7.     Being romantic

8.     Cleaning

9.     Sense of direction

10.  Driving

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