What is the perfect wingman?

By Charlotte Hope Lifestyle Editor @TLE_Lifestyle

We all want the perfect wingman, well apart from me, as I’m a woman (obvs) that would just be a date surely? But for the single man, recent research has revealed what makes the perfect partner to pull the ladies.

They found the perfect “wingman” is funny, confident – and never wants to go home early, research revealed yesterday. Experts who carried out a detailed study into the intricacies of playing the field also found the best wingmen are old school friends, a similar age and are great dancers.

They must not be the best looking bloke in the group but must be able to brush off frequent rejection.Additional qualities include knowing nightclub doormen’s first names, ‘occupying her mates if things are going well’ and ‘steering clear of girls his mates like’.

They also have to be a great story teller, always be in high spirits and have a nice smile to woo the women.

Iconic lads fragrance Joop! commissioned the survey to mark the launch of Joop! Extreme, a new, addictive and aphrodisiacal fragrance designed as a powerful weapon of seduction for the modern man.

A spokesman for Joop! said: ”Although the term wingman in this sense is a relatively modern concept, men and boys will have been each other’s wingman for generations.

The poll found four in ten men said they have a regular mate who acts as their wingman on nights out and 39 per cent said the main role of their wingman was to befriend girls and then introduce them.

More than half (56 per cent) said some men have great wingman qualities and others are useless – they felt ‘you either have it or you don’t’.

A third of blokes said they could still attract girls on their own, but 54 per cent prefer it if a mate is there to support him.

In fact, a third of guys said most of the girls they have met on nights out, they owe to their wingman.

More than a third (36 per cent) of the 2,000 men polled said having a wingman made you look popular and 31 per cent said it made a night out more fun.

An honest 29 per cent admitted they were ‘terrible’ with women so needed all the help they can get and 12 per cent said having a best mate by your side made you appear less desperate.

Fortunately it’s not just one mate men rely on – the typical bloke has at least two friends they class as wingmen.

Although a greedy one in twenty had up to five pals that regularly step up to the job.

The poll also found the average lad spends 27 minutes getting ready for a night out in a bid to get lucky, and 16 per cent confess to having a scent that ‘gets the girl’.

When asked which celebrity would make the best wingman, respondents voted for Gavin and Stacey funny man James Corden, followed by Ricky Gervais and Seth Rogen.


1.      Always in high-spirits
2.      Is confident
3.      Will never go home early
4.      Has a great sense of humour
5.      The same age as me
6.      Is a long-time friend, such as a school/university friend
7.      Won’t give up until we’ve got some female attention
8.      Great story-teller
9.      Less attractive than me/not overly attractive
10.   Always up for a night out
11.   Has a cheeky way about him
12.   Has great chat-up lines/techniques
13.   Makes a night fun whether we get girls or not
14.   Gets the rounds of drinks in
15.   Can brush off insults
16.   Deals well with rejection
17.   Doesn’t try it on with a girl I’m interested in
18.   Is always happy for me if I get the girl
19.   Will go for the less attractive girl so I get the hot one
20.   Tells me if I have something in my teeth
21.   Knows where the best bars are
22.   Knows doormen/barmen, all the right people
23.   Doesn’t mind being left alone
24.   Always makes me look good
25.   Has a great smile
26.   Great at giving compliments to women
27.   Will cover for me if I need to make a quick getaway
28.   Has a job in something charismatic, such as sales or bar work
29.   Knows how to get into the best clubs
30.   Is a great dancer, to attract women


1.      James Cordon
2.      Ricky Gervais
3.      Seth Rogen
4.      Will Mellor
5.      Ralph Little
6.      Russell Howard
7.      Jimmy Carr
8.      Jonah Hill
9.      James (Arg) Argent
10.   Harry Styles

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